How To Use

With sleek one-button design and the longest battery life, it's easy and simple to use.

Step 1

Install The App

Download and install the “CheetahTalk” app from App Store or Google Play.

Step 2

Pair With Your Phone

Turn on your Bluetooth, open the app, and long press the button to pair.

Step 3

Press to Translate

Long press the button and speak. Release to listen to the translation.

CheetahTALK App

Download CheetahTALK app to the phone and connect it with your CM translator, you can start to enjoy an unlimited conversations without language barriers. Easily setup and choose from any two languages you would like to translate

Connect to the phone

Ready to translate

Change system setting

Record the voice

Your Best Daily Companion

CM Translator is the world’s No. 1 smart electronic device for you to connect with the world at the press of one button. Super light and portable, it's your ideal companion for instant two-way translation and real-time recording in a variety of scenarios.

Make Friends, Talk Happy.

Never Lost Again

Your All-time Reliable Travel Buddy

Always Ready for New Experiences

Stylish and Unique Gift for Everyone

Business Networking

The smart voice translator is designed for everyone.

One single device supports 42 most spoken languages with one-button design.

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