The #1 Best-Selling Smart Translator On Amazon

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An award-winning, two-way instant translator that's also the #1 Best Seller in electronic translators on Amazon. Experience the convenience of one-click voice translations in 42 languages powered by Microsoft AI technology — all packed into one sleek, portable design.

BEST Foreign Language Smart Instant Translator

Ultralight and portable, with a sleek one-button design and the longest battery life, CheetahTALK is your ideal companion for instant two-way translation and real-time recording in a variety of scenarios. Communicate with nearly anyone who speaks a different language accurately and quickly. Learn, Practice, and Communicate. CheetahTALK translates 32 popular languages including, but not limited to, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, German, Portuguese…

What Our Users Say About CM Translator

"I personally carry this translator with me when I travel. It allowed me to not drain my phone battery and cause a safety concern for that."


"I'm impressed with this device and my wife will be using it regularly to help translate languages at the hospital she works at."

Cristobal Garcia II

"In an ever connected world, language is one of the last great divides. The ability to communicate with others is a powerful tool and this devices makes it happen."

Matthew I