CM Translator FAQ

How do I use the translator?

How do I check if my Bluetooth version is 4.0 or above?

Why can't my phone connect to the translator?

What to do if my translator doesn't translate or translates slowly?

Why my translation is not accurate?

Why are there some characters missing at the beginning or at the end of a translated sentence?

How many languages do the translator support?

Does the translator have to be connected to a phone in order to work?

What devices does the translator support?

How long does it take to fully charge?

How long will the translator last after it's fully charged?

How can I check the battery level? How does the device warn me of a low battery level?

How can I change my system language?

Can I use the translator overseas?

Do I need to change language when translating a foreign language to my system language?

How long is the warranty?

What is the return policy?